is a website dedicated to anything about triathlon! Here, we feature authors and contributors to give you the best tips and blog posts to enhance your skills or deepen your understanding when it comes to this one of a kind sport.

Being a triathlete is certainly hard. You have to combine three different events or disciplines into one, all while under a ton of pressure. That said, one of the factors that triathletes hold dear to continue is their passion, and on this website, we want to immortalize every passion of triathletes around the world!

While you’re here, you will be seeing many types of content revolving around triathlon. Over the past decades, these sports have grown exponentially, and support from government and different organizations has never been this big. This clearly means that there are more events for us to look forward to in the future.

With triathlon’s undeniable growth and popularity, we believe that everyone should be educated or at least informed of past events or figures that have dominated the triathlon field.

Triathlon beginners are also prone to false perceptions that are being fed by many people. For instance, a lot of people would look at triathlon as an expensive sport or hobby. In reality, you don’t really need to invest that much to get started. These ideas are the things we are against. As much as possible, authors and contributors want to influence and attract new people to join triathlon events.

That said, we will post beginner-friendly guides and tips on how to get the upper hand despite your status. There’s no easy way to improve as a triathlete, but there are particular things that you can do, and we’re here to act as a guide to improve your career all the way through.

Triathlon can be different for many people who practice it. However, most people who got into it as a passion can tell that it is indeed life-changing. One of the most common things that triathletes notice would be their weight, and if you devote yourself to this sport, you’ll also see remarkable differences in your figure and posture.

Overall, triathlon is a healthy and beneficial sport that everyone should try at least once in their life. There are even shorter courses that are available, and you don’t have to push yourself to try those that are considered extreme. However, if you want things to improve and you want to make a career out of it, remember that you have us at your back.

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